About Core Link

Widely considered as a pioneer in the development of modern core, roll and broke roll handling equipment, Core Link provides more than three decades of industry expertise and technical knowledge. Since the very beginning, substantial resources have been invested in the R&D of new products, methods and processes and our business strategy for the future is clear:

Core Link will contribute to improve customer productivity and profitability by offering complete systems for core handling and broke roll handling. Our goal is to be the preferred supplier.

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It is the responsibility of every Core Link employee to ensure that the quality and safety of our products and services meet our high standards so that you, our customer, will be completely satisfied. 

Our reputation will be further enhanced by constant improvements in everything we do. Emphasizing high quality, allows us to create an environment where we constantly move the development of Core Link forward.

We strive to hold a leading position in terms of quality and performance. Wherever possible we focus on process control, enabling us to approach zero-defect product standard.

Core Link has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1997.


Why Core Link?

Core Link has the required technical expertise and resources to assume full responsibility for all parts of core handling, from shipment and unloading to the point when the core is fed into the winder. On top of that, we have in-house knowledge to design the most effective handling of broke rolls as well as reuse of cores. Together, we will create a solution for optimum cost effectiveness and productivity.

Over several decades, we have continuously increased our experience and expertise through co-operation with the paper industry concerning customized design of machinery to meet the unique requirements of each mill.

For instance, we take an active part in the development of more productive, reliable and automated plants. Our systems feature a number of advantages, such as:

  • increased flexibility
  • highest reliability
  • improved work environment
  • cost savings
  • just-in-time deliveries
  • decreased core stock

An important aspect of our R&D policy is to cut production costs and reduce core waste. For these reasons, we have developed the technology to use parent cores in lengths that correspond with the paper machine width – a method minimizing the waste.

Mustad Group

Core Link Group is part of the Mustad United C.O. AB, an international, family-owned industrial group founded in Sweden in 1913.

Approximately 15 innovative companies are within the group, and they are located around the world and operating mainly in the manufacturing of cores, screws, precision parts and machines.

The business takes place in Sweden, Uruguay, USA, Finland, Italy and Belgium.

  • Machinery (Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Finland)
  • Corrugated boxes and cores (Sweden, Uruguay)
  • Screws and precision parts (Italy, Belgium)

For more information, please visit:
Scandicore, core manufactuer: www.scandicore.com
Mustad Belgium, precision parts: www.mustad.be
Mustad Italy, screw technology: www.mustad.it/en
Cicssa Uruguay, corrugated boxes: www.cicssa.com.uy

The group revenue is ~ 90 000 KEUR and the group shows solid results every year.
For more information, please visit Mustad United C.O AB