Equipment for Roll Handling

We have a complete range of products, including all the equipment required, from the moment a reel is ready in the winder, until it reaches the reel store where it is sorted and later automatically loaded on trailers, railroad wagons or in containers.

Core Link also have a number of Roll Handling options availible, for example: 

  • Transportations
  • Kickers
  • Roll Elevators
  • Special solutions


Automated de-wrapping has two main purposes: Effectiveness and Ergonomics/Safety. Core Link machinery system, patent pending, for removal of paper rolls outer wrapping can also be expanded with a fully automatic deplugger for removing of core plugs.

De-wrapping is performed from inside which avoids roll damage.

The Core Link system can ensure fully automatic transport of the unwound wrapping material to a waste container and maintain roll traceability, for example through attaching a RFID-tag in connection with the de-wrapping process.

The first de-wrapping system was sold 2010.