Tissue Handling Equipment

With more than 60 installations, one of the most exciting innovations within broke roll handling is the Core Link patented broke roll cutter.
Also for tissue!
The roll cutter can handle a number of different paper grades, from heavy board to printing paper. But what is very interesting is that it has proven to be very efficient also for tissue. Thus eliminating an old problem for the tissue paper makers.It is now enhanced with special patented and patent-pending features for the tissue/towel industry; for example: paper feed control, core checking and core cleaning. These roll cutter features will enable automatic and reliable tissue broke and butt roll cutting along with core cleaning.

    • No core damage 
    • Reduced maintenance cost
    • Extended pulper lifetime
    • Usage of smaller pulper - less energy consumption
    • Reduced pulper cycle time - increased productivity
    • Maximal safety for the operators
After cutting to an adjustable depth...           ...the Roll is turned on the Rotating Chucks...  ...and the Slab is Released in Controlled Manner 

Integrated System for Handling of Butt Rolls

In order to reduce the hard manual labour involved when lifting butt rolls at the sheeter and the Butt Roll Cutter, different options can be offered:

  • Conveyors for transporting the butt rolls to the butt roll cutter.
  • Different loading systems for loading butt rolls from containers to the core stripper/butt roll cutter.
  • Conveyors transporting the empty cores to different bins or to a core robot. The core robot sorts the cores into different racks, depending on the length, quality, etc. 

Butt Roll Cutter

Core Link has also developed a system more suitable for feeding the paper to a baler etc. The system handles also tissue as well as other paper grades, for example in converting plants, printers, etc.