The roll cutter manages any roll diameter and any paper grade including tissue

It is a revolutionary way to handle your broke and you will get benefits like:

The paper is cut down in layers, which are fed evenly to the pulper. The paper is dissolved faster and this reduces wear and tear on the pulper. The result is less damage, fewer blockages, lower maintenance cost and down time etc.

  • Smaller pulpers can be used, saving new costly investments
  • The cores can be reused, saving money
  • Less manual handling, saving time and giving a better working environment
  • No hydraulics leaking oil
  • Takes less floor space compared to standard roll splitters
  • The machine can be either fully automatic or manual
  • Different customized models

Workshop test of our best-selling Roll Cutter model CL410, 'the state of art' within Broke Roll Handling:



CL 410 with lamella
sliding device


Movable CL 410 
on rails


 CL 410 with
tilting plate


CL 410 with
movable conveyor

Broke Roll Handling Roll Cutter 1

Integrated System for Handling of Butt Rolls

In order to reduce the hard manual labour involved when lifting butt rolls at the sheeter and the core stripper, different options can be offered:

  • Conveyors for transporting the butt rolls to the core stripper/butt roll cutter.
  • Different loading systems for loading butt rolls from containers to the core stripper.
  • Conveyors transporting the empty cores to different bins or to a core robot. The core robot sorts the cores into different racks, depending on the length, quality, etc. 

Basic Core Stripper

For butt rolls (20" or less) of different paper grades. Very common in sheeting operations, for eliminate manual stripping/removal of the last several inches of paper on a core.

Butt rolls are loaded onto the infeed table. When started, the rolls are fed one by one into the machine, the paper is unwound from the core and the empty core is ejected to a collecting table. The paper may be fed directly to a pulper, to a belt conveyor or existing trim handling system, depending on the requirements.