Former Trancel Systems (now Core Link) is one of the leading brand in the market of roll handling systems for the paper industry, with installations at many places around the world

Core Link has a complete range of products, including all the equipment required, from the moment a reel is ready in the winder, until it reaches the reel store where it is sorted and later automatically loaded on trailers, railroad wagons or in containers.

Everything is taking place with the highest level of automation for minimal need of manual intervention.

We adopt our solutions for each clients personal requirements and specifications, in order to create efficient and maintenance friendly equipment to the lowest possible price.

As no other reel handling system is the other alike, a final solution is worked out in close relation to the client, throughout the project, from tender until the delivery is accepted.

Core Link has comprehensive Expertise in Roll Handling

  • Automatic truck and container loading
  • Film and kraft wrapping systems
  • Automatic jumboreel handling systems
  • Automatic reel spool handling systems including reel unwinders, shaft extractors, reel carts and cranes
  • Roll pluggers

No project is too large or to small! Core Link is there to offer the correct solution!


Automatic Loading

The LOADMATE® automatic vehicle loading and unloading is a patented product designed to withstand the most demanding applications.

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Jumbo Roll Handling

Core Link offers a wide range of different utilities for Jumbo Roll Handling. We have transportations carts as well.

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Roll Wrapping Systems

Core Link offers a wide range of spiral wrapping systems. In our wrapping family we offer stretch film wrapping & more.

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Roll Plugger

The roll plugger is designed for automatic plugging of rolls an existing roll conveyor & off-line depending on the local premises.

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Roll Handling

Find out more about Roll Handling

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