The innovative Core Link technology results in increased productivity and reduced waste in the paper and converting ndustry. The close teamwork with our customers combined with our extensive product range enables us to design custom engineered solutions, both for simple manual machines and for fully automatic core-, roll- bale and broke roll handling systems. Our know-how covers the entire process and offers the most cost-efficient technology.

Together with the customer we can create solutions for optimum cost effectiveness and productivity. 

Core Link represent a wide range of products, please choose one from the menu.

Core Handling Systems

Automatic core cutters eliminate problems such as: expensive waste, high labor costs, mismatched core sets and poor core quality.

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Broke Handling Systems

Core Link offer the paper industry various solutions that involve cost savings and an efficient production flow

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Roll Handling Systems

Core Link is one of the leading brand in the market of roll handling systems for the paper industry

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Bale Handling Systems

Core Link are able to offer high capacity fully automatic systems including de-wiring of unit bales & much more.

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Cooling Rolls

Core Link has been working with cooling rolls since 1964 and developed and patented solutions such as the dismountable chill roll.

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We offer automation, rebuilds and upgrades along with mill studies. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you today.

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