The LOADMATE® automatic vehicle loading and unloading system is a patented product design to withstand the most demanding applications in the manufacturing and distribution industry

Automatic vehicle loading can be a vital link in any logistic chain improvements. Whether the requirement is for rapid vehicle turnaround times, reduction in fork lift truck activity and loading bay personnel or simply careful handling of fragile or unstable payloads, the LOADMATE® could play an important role in achieving these goals. Operating the LOADMATE® could not be more straight forward. A complete vehicle load is assembled on the accumulation conveyor system. The vehicle driver then initiates loading by simply pressing a button on the operator control panel located close to the rear of the vehicle.

Once activated the LOADMATE® drives the complete load forward into the waiting vehicle. Steel channels in the trailer floor guide the skates. The in-fill floor between the channels provides a none slip surface to support the pallets in the trailer, after the skates have been withdrawn. The LOADMATE® will load a 13,6 meter semi-trailer in less than 3 minutes.

The system can be designed to accommodate variations in vehicle lengths - automatically positioning the load relative to the trailer bulkhead.