Core Link has started up an order for a Core and Broke Handling system for Irving Consumer Products mill in Macon, Georgia USA

This core and broke handling system serves the newest TM9 TAD tissue machine at Irving’s Macon, Georgia USA mill. The new line was started up last year, 2021.

Core Link’s earlier delivery included a broke roll cutter with core cleaning system and checking station for the first TAD tissue machine (TM8) which was started up in 2019. Core Link was honored with an order for system expansion to cover the needs of the new tissue machine (TM9).

The core and broke handling system is a highly automated system with maximum safety and ergonomics where the operator only needs to supervise the process.

Scope and technical information

The order consisted of three fully automatic machine systems that are linked together.

  1. Spent roll cutting and core cleaning system

Spent rolls are delivered by LGVs from the converting machines to the spent core and broke roll cutting/cleaning system which was expanded with additional new capacity. The remaining tissue paper is cut-off the spent roll cores and the cores are cleaned. The cut-off paper is sent to existing balers as part of Irving’s in-house recycling process. A core conveying system then transports the cleaned cores to the core storage system for reuse.

  1. Automatic core and spent roll storage system

The new double wide automatic core and spent roll storage served by an overhead robot system has a large capacity to store and buffer both cores and spent rolls. Both recycled and new cores enter the core storage system. All cores are checked in a core inspection system and verified using 3D laser scanning technology before being delivered to the tissue machine. There is a bin location for rejected cores in the storage system. If the balers are not in operation, the LGVs can deliver spent rolls to the storage system for temporary storage.

  1. Pulper feeding system

The cut-off paper from the spent rolls is recycled in the new TM9 broke pulper. Core Link provided the TM9 broke pulper feeding system. This consists of a buffer conveyor on load cells, a bale de-wiring conveyor with a wire coiler to recycle the baling wires and a broke receiving system for loose paper and logs. The broke bins with loose paper, logs and cookies are delivered by LGVs to the receiving system where the electrically actuated bin tipper, designed to handle two bin sizes, automatically dump the broke bin contents onto the buffer conveyor.


Information about Irving Consumer Products

Irving Consumer Products is one of North America's leading manufacturers of household paper and baby diaper products. Irving Consumer Product companies include Irving Tissue and Irving Personal Care. Irving Tissue produces premium household store brand paper products for many of North America's top retailers, in addition to some of the top-selling tissue brands in the marketplace. Irving Personal Care is the only manufacturer of baby diapers and training pants in Canada. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, they produce premium quality private label products for major North American customers. Read more at


Information about Core Link

Core Link is widely considered as a pioneer in the development of modern core, roll and broke roll handling equipment, providing over four decades of industry expertise and technical knowledge in this area. In addition, Core Link have in-house knowledge to design the most effective handling of broke rolls as well as reuse of cores. In North America, the Core Link customers are served by Core Link Inc. in Greenville WI. Core Link installed base in North America includes over 200 systems and machines. Our local services include service by both mechanical and automation engineers, spare parts, sales and project management.