After take over of the former Stora Enso Sachsen GmbH by the Swiss Model AG, they have announced to change the paper production to corrugated board. This big rebuild of the paper machine will be handled in the NIKE project.

Core Link supported the engineering of different possible solutions for the core – and broke roll handling and is very pleased to now have been awarded with the order for the optimal core – and broke roll handling layout.

The fully automatic equipment consists of a core cutter with magazine, core grooving, the core transport system and a direct core loading to the winder. This is of course supported by the full communication to the mill production interface.



The core cutter will be supplied with parent cores from its integrated fully automatic robot magazine. This magazine can hold up to 28 parent core bundles and will guarantee the full production capacity even longer than the longest holiday time without the need for manual interference by any operator.

In order to optimize the winder speed, Core Link and Valmet work together again using their well proven core grooving concept.



The unloading of incoming parent cores from the trucks will now be much improved. By implementation of Core Link’s specially designed lifting yoke, it will be possible to onload directly from the truck into the core magazine, reducing needed storage space and increasing the operator safety enormously by minimizing the physical labour and its risks.


Recycling of core waste and broke rolls

All cut waste from the core cutter will be automatically supplied to a container that can easily be ejected to the new pulper for recycling. This is further improved by pressing the saw dust into hard briquettes going into the recycling container as well.

Next to the core handling equipment a new Core Link roll cutter will be installed to recycle broke rolls.


The start up of the core handling is scheduled for December 2023 and the start up of the full paper production for early Q1 2024.