Dear Core Link customer.

The summer vacation period is approaching and as the delivery time for components and made to order spare parts is expecting to increase over this period we urge you to perform inventory of your spare part stock and make necessary orders to have sufficient wearparts and critical spareparts stocked at your facility.

Let us know if you need assistance in estimating a sufficient on site spare part stock for your installation by sending this request to

Many suppliers also slowdown or shut down their productions (or parts of them) during the vacation period w.28-34 so spare part supply during this period will have an increased handling time from order to delivery.
We also need to inform you that we Core Link AB also will take vacation during week 29-30.

But of course we will not leave your side!

We will be available during this period on our emergency hotlines

For urgent Spare part or Service requirements: +46 34656800*

*On call fee will apply for actions.
We trust the above will be acceptable, but if any questions what so ever arise please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We wish You a nice summer!