Kondopoga Paper Mill in Russia are very pleased after successful rebuild on the core handling system during short mill stop 2019.

  • Replacement of control system from Siemens S5 to S7 in core drying area.
  • Upgrade to servo drives on three core robots.
  • Upgrade of core transport system.
  • Installation and start up of a new fully automatic core handling system type CL 4090.

Core Link are very pleased with the cooperation with the mill people.

The whole rebuild was made in just 9 days with a short production stop for two days when the whole mill stopped for maintenance.

Kondopoga Paper mill celebrate 90 years where Core Link system have supplied cores to all six paper machines since 1996.

Core Link programmer Niklas Larsson handed over gifts from Kondopoga to Managing Director Jörgen Jensen after arrival back home.

V28 Kondopoga